Just Pay IDR 1 Million, This Subsidized House Can Be Lived Immediately All

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Accommodating the high demand for subsidized housing for low-income communities (MBR) in Bekasi, the developer Vista Land offers 100 ready-to-live houses.

To get a residence titled Mutiara Puri Harmoni 2, consumers only need to pay booking fee only Rp. 1 million and a down payment or down payment (DP) IDR 0.

If the bank’s requirements are met, consumers can immediately enter into a credit agreement, and live here.

East Regional General Manager of Vista Land Group, Ardian Hendra, said that the provision of subsidized housing ready for habitation is to meet the surge in demand that has occurred in recent months.

As is known, Cikarang is a concentration of industry and factories with hundreds of thousands of employees.

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About 60 percent of them are still renting or renting tenement houses.

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According to Ardian, they see the government has provided many relaxations such as Loan to Value (LTV) of up to 100 percent, and the Value Added Tax Insured (PPN-DTP).

“Therefore, instead of continuing to pay rent but not owning a house, they choose to buy a subsidized house whose installments are not much different from the cost of renting a month,” said Ardian in a written statement to Kompas.com, Thursday (01/07/2021).

Currently, the subsidized houses offered at Mutiara Puri Harmoni 2 are type 26/60 square meters with specifications for brick walls, tiled floors, lightweight steel roof trusses, concrete tiles, back walls, drilled wells, water pumps, and cast concrete roads.


The price is set at IDR 168 million in accordance with government regulations since 2020.

In addition to subsidized houses, Vista Land also markets Kiosk House units, with a building area of ​​28 square meters and a varied land area starting at 40 square meters with an official price of Rp. 215 million.

The target market for this kiosk house, he continued, is entrepreneurs of productive age, especially millennial urbanites who want to do business.

Of the 14 units marketed, up to now nine units have been sold, with a variety of buyer professions ranging from BUMN employees, ASN, private employees, entrepreneurs, and so on.

The location of Mutiara Puri Harmoni 2 can be reached from the Cikarang KRL (Electric Train) Station, city transportation, and the West Cikarang Toll Gate.

Meanwhile, in the surrounding area, there are Jababeka industrial areas, MM 2000, hospitals, Cikarang Markets, Cikarang Wholesale Centers, and close to the Cikarang Bus Terminal, Cikarang KRL Station, and Lemah Abang Train Station.


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